4 Tips On Assembling The Paddle Board

4 Tips On Assembling The Paddle Board

How to use the paddle board correctly?

  1. The gauge cannot be read?

 The gauge normally moves when the board is inflated really hard.

We recommend you to blow it up in dual action at first. When the board is getting pretty hard, then you switch to single action. You will be seeing the gauge moving soon.
You need to put your body weight into it in the end. It takes about 10 minutes of pumping.

 The entire inflation step is divided into two parts - dual action and single action

Dual action means to put the red plug into the air outlet hole, so that the pump is in closed position. Like below picture.

You could inflate quicky when the pump in closed position, but with the paddle board gets harder, the pump become more difficult to inflate.

So you need to pull out the red plug, this is the single action, the pump stay at opening position. You could inflate the paddlle board easier. And you will be seeing the gauge moving soon.


PS: The color of the plug might be red or black, the function is the same, the only difference is the color.


  1. The paddle cannot be extend?

 There is a little thing on the latch. Twist it to control the tightness of the paddle. Please take a look to the picture below.

  1. How to install the ankle strap?

 There is a little ring near the valve. You could install the ankle strap to the ring.

  1. How to install the fin?

 There is a clip attached the fin. You need to insert it so that the fin will not be fell off when you use the paddle board.

If you have any doubts or problem, please make a comment. 

We will try our best to help you!


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Many thanks for this link where I watched how to adjust and tighten the paddle. Ty !!

October 25, 2021 at 11:32am

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