Tips Of Paddle Boarding

Tips Of Paddle Boarding

What is the water sport that people often associate with? I believe the answer is often surfing. And paddle boarding is inspired by surfing, but it does not need to wait for the waves to come, you can use the paddle to swim at will. But the seemingly simple paddle boarding, for beginners is still a bit difficult.


Why choose ISUP?

  1. Share Your Joy

You can bring your paddle board and spend a happy afternoon on the water with your friends and relatives or even your dog and share your joy.


  1. Exercise Your Body

Paddle boarding is a sport that requires a certain amount of core muscles, and you can exercise your core muscles with this sport. In addition, you can even do yoga on the paddle board.


  1. Feel The Nature

Bring your paddle board and go feel the charm of nature. Feel the thrilling waves on the sea and the shimmering waves on the lake.

Tips or skills of paddle boarding

This article will introduce you to some paddle boarding tips and considerations, so you can quickly get started with this sport.

  1. Use A Leash

When you fall, you want to be able to get back on your ISUP quickly. especially when it is windy, choppy or there is a current, a leash is an important safety item. The sooner you realize the importance of a leash in any situation, the safer you and others will be while paddling.

  1. Proper Use Of The Paddle

Place one hand on the top of the paddle handle and the other hand on the shaft. The "throat" of the paddle should be bent at an angle that points toward you, so the paddle face is forward.

  1. Drop From ISUP In The Right Way

Even highly skilled professionals may fall off an ISUP. If you fall off an ISUP blindly, you increase your risk of injury during training. Because you need to use the paddle to move, accidentally getting poked by the paddle during the fall can easily lead to injury. Pay attention to the position of the paddle when you enter the water and don't worry about sinking, the paddle floats as well as the ISUP.

  1. Climb The ISUP In The Right Way

We often encounter a problem that some beginners will give feedback on how to climb the ISUP properly. Reach the center of the ISUP, grab the handle with one hand and the far side with the other. Kick your feet behind you (not under you). Give yourself a good push and use your arms to pull your chest up on the board. Swing your knees facing forward.

  1. Look Ahead

When we first start paddling, it's natural to look down at the board, watch the water lapping at our sides, and pray we don't fall in. However, for best stability, try to keep your eyes focused on the water and the horizon in front of you, not your feet and ISUP.

  1. Care For Your ISUP

As a beginner just starting out, it is important to know how to maintain the ISUP. Don't just throw it around on land, it is fragile on land, and ISUP is made of lightweight high-tech raw materials and is expensive.


To conclude, all sports require long-term practice to master, and Paddle boarding, as an emerging water sport, will gradually become more and more popular. Practice well and enjoy the joy of this sport.


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