FBsport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: For Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

FBsport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: For Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

Inflatable SUP (iSUP) board is easy to transport , requires less storage space, and will last you for the years to come because they are super durable. All you must do is pump up your inflatable SUP to the suggested PSI and you’re ready to go paddle boarding. Surprisingly enough, when inflated, inflatable stand up paddle boards are just as rigid as epoxy SUPs because they are constructed with layers of military grade PVC skin, which means you can even bring your dog along.

Fbsport Inflatable SUP boards are made with drop stitch construction, which offers an unparalleled blend of portability, durability, and performance. They are the best all-around option for flatwater paddling, yoga and SUP fitness workouts, river SUP, families, touring, and more. They’re also extremely safe for paddling around small children.

iSUP is a great option for all skill levels, specifically beginners or riders who prefer flat water paddling (lakes, bays and harbors). If you’re always on the go and love exploring new territory with your stand up paddle board, an inflatable SUP will be a great option for you because it is easy to carry.

Using a hand pump, it takes only 5 minutes to inflate Fbsport iSUP and when deflated, it rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag and fits snuggly into a carry backpack. This makes an inflatable stand up paddle board simple to store anywhere in your house or in your car.


7 thoughts on “FBsport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board: For Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

Tom Bohill

Psi indicator on new sup does not seem to be working advise please

March 15, 2023 at 16:19pm
Alexandra Donald

I have just received my SUP board from Amazon, it hasn’t come with any instructions and we can’t work out how to get the PSI gage to work. Could you email me Instructions.


October 11, 2022 at 16:41pm
Zoe Kenny

Just received a paddle board ordered on Amazon and the PSI gauge on the pump isn’t working. This could be something we’re doing wrong as the paddle board kit didn’t have any instructions with it. Please could you email me instructions on how to use it? Many thanks

August 25, 2021 at 17:42pm
Jonathan Rich

Hi, I’ve got a paddle board from yourselves but there is a black washer that seems to have come off something . Any ideas please

August 13, 2021 at 15:08pm
natalie boyko

just received my order from amazone with my new inflatable paddle board Touring series

do you have some instructions how to assemble it??
thanks for emailing me the info

August 13, 2021 at 15:08pm

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