Which gymnastics mat is suitable for you? Inflatable or Foam?

Which gymnastics mat is suitable for you? Inflatable or Foam?

Introduction Of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a popular exercise for everyone. Not only does it improve flexibility and keep the body in good condition, but it also helps build determination, as gymnastics is not simple and easy to accomplish, and landing after front and back flips and aerial spins are risk. More and more people are getting involved in gymnastics training or home gymnastics activities, and the age of participants is getting younger and younger. So more parents are asking the common question, which gymnastics mat is safer and more suitable for home use. Inflatable gymnastics Airtrack are the best choice, compared to the traditional foam gymnastics mats, due to emerging technological innovations, inflatable Airtrack have more advantages.

The following will be the traditional foam mats and the emerging inflatable Airtrack all-round comparison, let us see the advantages and weakness of the inflatable Airtrack.



Airtrack is usually made of high quality DWF material, which is used as a carrier to store high pressure air. Airtrack is more flexible, and gymnasts can choose to exercise freely on it without shoes, as if they were stepping on air instead of hard ground.


Airtrack is more convenient and lightweight, it only takes a few minutes to inflate and deflate. Whether it's the park, the beach, your backyard or your home, you can take it with you everywhere you practice gymnastics. In terms of storage, Airtrack is also more advantageous, with an electric pump to suck out the air inside, and then rolled up into the backpack can be, a fully deflated air cushion may be compressed to a few cubic meters.


At first, Airtrack may be a little uncomfortable, and it takes some time to get used to it. Practicing gymnastics on the Airtrack feels like exercising on a couch, and that may be an exaggeration. Once you get used to its flexibility, you'll love the bounce it gives you, making it easier to stretch and make more difficult moves.

When you are practicing in foam mat, the front and back flip action after the landing may need to roll to slow down the impact, and the most important role of Airtrack is to greatly absorb the impact of your landing, which can reduce the movement of your ankle injury and the possibility of accidents.


In this regard, Airtrack is indeed not as durable as foam pads, because inevitably in the environment of use and the process of bumping, prone to air leakage. However, with the continuous innovation of technology, the material used in Airtrack will also be improved, the quality compared to a few years ago, there has been a great progress.


Airtrack will undoubtedly give you a more fun and safe experience to use during your gymnastics practice. Whether you end up choosing an Airtrack or a foam mat, you will undoubtedly find a sense of security due to the fact that you make safety a priority.

Fbsport is a brand that has been specializing in inflatable sporting goods for 4 years, using high quality raw materials to produce high quality gymnastics inflatable mats in different sizes and thicknesses to give customers the best experience of using the product.


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