Item Location

Section means where the parcel is shipped from. Please be noted that only the Section "International" ships parcels worldwide, all others just locally.

  • If you are located in the US, please enter USA section;
  • If you are located in the EU countries, please enter EU section;
  • If you are located in the UK, please enter UK section;
  • If you are located in Canada, please enter Canada Section;
  • If you are located in Japan, please enter Japan Section;
  • If the item is not available or out of stock at your location, you could enter international section, from where we ship parcels worldwide.

There are some facts for items ordered from International section

  1. Parcels are shipped from China.
  2. Sometimes, you may have to pay for customs duty.
  3. It takes about one month for you to receive the parcel.


  • Free shipping is only for the USA Section;
  • For "Germany", parcels only could be shipped to customers who are from Germany.

Carbon Fiber vs Normal

They are technically the same. Just different appearance. And the handle of the carbon fiber one is little more durable.

If you have any questions, be free to send us message.

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